Discussions are important for shaping your image of the desired future. They help to define values and directions. The Almanac of the practices of the future is a space of dialogue and support for these goals. We have prepared videos, lectures and dialogues with our experts that will help you understand important topics.
Dialogues about the future (ru)
Dialogues between Anastasia Starostinskaya and Mikhail Prosekin. How to live and act in a changing world?
  • Is it possible to return to peace before the pandemic?
  • What to read and what to watch to prepare yourself for the future?
  • Actual problems and challenges for the practices of the future
Digital centaurs (ru)
Dialogues between Mikhail Prosekin and Yuri Molodykh about human interaction with artificial intelligence.
  • What are digital centaurs and why are they needed?
  • Should everyone create and interact with digital centaurs?
  • Why be human in the future?
School for the future (ru)
Dialogues between Yuri Gromyko and Mikhail Prosekin. The importance of education for the future, the necessary changes and the image of the new school.
  • Institute of Education: the current context and the necessary changes
  • Project of the School for the future
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