Critical Values of the Future
We cannot be neutral while practising the future. New technologies are only tools that can solve some problems and give rise to others. Therefore, technology enthusiasts must think about the effects their projects will bring and correlate them with the possible visions of the future which they will lead to.

The practices we put on the map are based on three critical values. We consider them essential in the process of shaping the image of the future. Neglecting any of them or simply relying on technological progress without defining one's position will lead to gradual adherence to the mainstream. More to that this neglecting will make impossible the ontological shift and evolutionary leap which are necessary to prevent society from collapse during the phase transition.

Three critical values correspond to three levels of being: personal, social, planetary.
The human of the future is thriving living a long life, not losing, but strengthening physical and mental health. Love is a value, and a person strives to stay in peace and love, co-exists and rejoices with other people. But people do not rest in idleness, they aim to develop and perceive the world around them. Each person takes responsibility for his or her life and is involved in creative activity, revealing one's potential.
The systems of economy and governance of the future are fair: different cultures coexist in the world, they have access to resources and information for choosing and implementing their path of development. A person feels that the basis of relations with other people, with the state and other collective subjects is fair. Communities reinforce but not destroy one other, constitute an ecosystem. Infrastructures support individuals in their aspiration to thrive.
Life itself is a value in the future, and humanity knows about the complexity of living systems while being a part of it. A person does not want to simplify systems, but takes into account their complexity and interrelationships while decisionmaking. People take responsibility for the ecological consequences of their actions and support the reproduction and biodiversity on Earth.
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