Personalized medicine
Standard treatments and general health recommendations have different degrees of effectiveness for different people. Individualization of treatment and a healthy lifestyle allows people to be in a state of maximum potential for a longer time.
Universal Problem
Public health institutes aim to standardize diagnoses and treatment algorithms. Whereas each person is a unique system that reacts differently to processes in the body and outside. Standardization of disease, treatment and health care approach cannot provide everyone with the best possible well-being for the longest possible period of life.
The use of medical diagnostics and technologies for data analysis and artificial intelligence to predict health risks, prevent the occurrence of diseases, develop personalized therapies and recommendations for leading a healthy lifestyle.
Target Image
In the future, people may receive personalized health support to maximize opportunities and increase their active life expectancy.
Experiment Framework
Medical institutes, pharmacological and biotech companies are developing methods for predicting risks, prevention, early diagnosis and highly effective therapy using genetic technologies and artificial intelligence. There is scientific and clinical research, and creating affordable products for end users. For example, BioNTech seeks to change the paradigm of cancer treatment by researching the genomics of cancer and working to create personalized immunotherapy. Big Health develops digital mental health products that allow a person to receive psychological help at any time.
Tools and Technologies
Scaling Plans
Now personalized medicine is available to a small number of people. Increasing its availability is an important condition for the transition from disease medicine to health medicine. One of the projects dedicated to increasing the availability of personalized medicine is Rejuve. Users of this project can take part in biomedical research in areas of interest and get early access to the results.
Standards and Values
  • The opportunity to receive the most effective treatment
  • A conscious approach to maintaining health
Communities and Leaders
The Personalized Medicine Coalition brings together scientists and researchers, users and healthcare providers. It promotes the acceptance of the concept of personalized medicine in society for the benefit of patients and the health care system.
Allies of the practice of personalized medicine include communities that are related to life extension. Such as Longevity International and Open Longevity. Also There are biohacker communities, such as The ODIN. Also allies are projects that collect and analyze biological data. For example, the National Center for Biotechnology.
What you can do to join the practice of personalized medicine now:
Start tracking your own health metrics using apps. For example, Google Fit or Apple Health.
Master the tools of bioinformatics and data analysis.
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