Communities of Practice
The practice of the future is impossible without a community that aims to transform the world and is already moving towards its own image of the future. Without this community, a different way of life will be only a fantasy, but not a practice.

All over the world there are scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers who practice the desired future and create protopias - testing grounds for the experiments with the societal and technological systems and then spread it around. The Global Protopia Map is designed to become a tool for interaction between technological and social innovators all over the world. Communities working on common issues will be able to see and reinforce one another, take part in organized collaborations around the map.

In order that enthusiasts can find one another, we have assembled the communities that practice the future on a separate map. We used the service to complete this task.
It is more convenient to work with the map on a device with a large screen, tablet or computer. If you look on it via your phone, we recommend you to go to

You can control the map scale using the buttons in the upper right corner. To see the whole map, click the button with two diagonal arrows. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to zoom in and out.

Each circle on the map represents a practice or community. When you click on the circle on the screen, a panel with additional information and a link to the community site appears on the left. You can hide the panel by clicking on the cross in the upper right corner.

You can control the number of displayed items and links. To do this, select the circle you are interested in and click on the "Focus" button that appears on the right. Control the detailing using the arrows.
If you know communities of the practices of the future that are absent on our map, please write to us.
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